Significant Experiences For Essay

There are students who have more of a distant relative that they’re not necessarily that close with but they’re something traumatic may happen to that person and as a student you’re trying to decide is that something I can write about it hurt it hurt me and it affected me is that gonna be an obstacle but I choose to write about and there’s no right or wrong answer you sort of have to decide that for yourself but maybe some of those instances where you feel like maybe it’s a little bit more removed from your life you can still write about it but make sure it’s not necessarily the focal point I suppose I was named because there’s so much more than you can share about who you are maybe that’s something that kind of right is a detail but it’s not like the one thing that guided everything and changed it all for you I don’t know yeah.

And I think with anything if you’re describing incident that happened don’t spend the entire as they talking about that incident right we don’t need to recount I think every single detail that happened but maybe just summarize it spend maybe like a fourth of your essay and talking about the incident and the rest should be really about maybe its impact on you or how you reacted and what you’ve learned and any growth that you may have experienced so again the focus should really be back on you and I think one thing to keep in mind when you’re thinking about writing essays and maybe some topics that may or may not be appropriate and you’re kind of debating and maybe can work backwards and start thinking about what the reader to get out of it and then maybe that can help you narrow down like your topic of your your choice of what you want to really elaborate on I think making sure that you who you are today and how you got there and where you’re what you want to be doing and in your future.

So your drive where did that come from and it doesn’t have to be I know that we’ve used the word obstacle or hardship but it doesn’t have to be that it could be this fantastic accomplishment or this experience that might seem small to us but really it created who you are today because of one one encounter with someone on the street or a conversation that you might have had with someone so those are all significant things in your life then just think back to whatever that may be and tell us why that that piece of your life why it turned you into who you are and make sure that we know who you are because in the end we want to learn who you are and what type of person you are so that we know that you’re gonna thrive on one of our our college partner campuses.