Getting Started With A Paper

You do not need to have a particularly wonderful idea to write a paper you in fact anytime you have an idea no matter how pitiful you should start to write a paper about it now it may be that it turns out to be pitiful in which case you just stick it on your web page and it’s kind of an unpublished report or what is much more common is it turns out that things weren’t quite as simple as you first thought you start with an idea that seems simple and it ramifies a bit in kind of interesting ways and it turns into something right that’s a very very common almost universal quite common is to start with an idea that seems pretty simple and it ramifies into something things are done this is way too complicated you know I thought it was simple but no it’s not I’ve got to find a way to make it simpler. Find out how to simplify your material onĀ Edusson.

But otherwise I can’t write a paper about it so the the very important thing I want you to get from this slide is do not think that you have to have a good important interesting impactful world-changing idea be perfectly content with a small weedy insignificant unimportant idea are you with me even if it turns out to be that way the exercise of writing your little paper will have made you a better person than be bet be it better able to rate that exciting important impactful paper mostly impact and you know a sense of importance in the larger scheme of things is something you only discover later you don’t discover it at the beginning right and in fact sometimes the act of writing is what makes the idea flourish and come into bloom it’s like a seed and that the writing the paper is what what is look that the water that brings it into being so if you wait you think art too we D like then you’re not watering it so it stays weedy alright and this is almost universal in my experience right okay so enough about sort of getting started.

There’s a very most important thing is to start writing and not to wait until you have something something but start lighting early very early so far so good all right now what is it a bit about the content of the paper and it’s going to consider the content in structure because I’ve found some things that I found work and others that I found don’t work at all so first thing to do is to just sort of set scene for that narrative flow of the paper and what you want to do is to get your reader hooked remember that readers don’t sort of time poor people so they they’re not going to read your paper with close attention from beginning to end you want to get them hooked early so you want to say here is a problem and it’s an interesting problem.